Tuesday Tips about ARHIPP

1. If you have primary health insurance that covers at least one person on Medicaid, you could qualify to get your monthly insurance premium reimbursed through ARHIPP.

ARHIPP is run by the Arkansas Department of Human Services Division of Medical Services.

Visit http://www.myarhipp.com to learn more.

2. When you want to check on the status of your application or send important documents, you can email ARHIPP: CustomerService@MyArHIPP.com

3. When you apply, they will ask you to send documents that prove you have primary insurance coverage or a copy of your Medicaid card.

Cases are processed faster when emailing documents.

4. After you are approved, you need to email a copy of your paycheck at least once per month that shows your insurance premium has been withdrawn from your paycheck or whatever monthly proof shows that you have paid your monthly premium.

We know ARHIPP confusion is an issue for many of you. Let us know if you’re having problems, and we’ll try to help.

Keep your questions coming, and we’ll keep the Tuesday tips rolling.