Interact with Others

social_media_powerSocial media is convenient and powerful. This graphic shows that a single tweet was seen nearly 13,000 times in a matter of days, and 104 people liked it enough to share it with others.

Sharing your story is one way to show the great things that Medicaid does. Complaining seems to repel others, so our strategy is to share a positive message. Who doesn’t like a “feel good” story? Use hashtags such as #medicaidsaveslives or #medicaidmatters to catch others’ attention and to link our message together online.


Our group strives to serve as an education and advocacy group, answering questions, providing resources, and by representing recipients’ needs wherever possible. However, MSL is also very much a support group for those who receive Medicaid. Facebook is a place where recipients can come together to ask questions and share their thoughts. That is probably the best forum to interact with others.