Together, we can make a difference.

iconThe battle for Medicaid dollars and quality coverage is a national discussion these days. Concerned citizens in Arkansas are coming together to voice the need to keep life-saving Medicaid benefits, as are most Medicaid recipients in America. MSL serves as a place to get the truth and to stay up-to-date in a fast paced world.

At over 2700 members, and growing every week, Medicaid Saves Lives is speaking as one strong voice! We want to be positive, and we want to show our leaders and fellow Americans how much this funding helps people. While much of the information may pertain to Arkansans, we keep up with Medicaid issues in other states, and we participate in Federal issues as well. This group aims to provide accurate, timely information and continued ways to collaborate with legislators and other agencies. Several issues are in process right now, and you can take action:

Join us on Facebook! This group has been around longer, and you’ll get the chance to interact with other concerned citizens, journalists, medical professionals, and even lawmakers. On Twitter, you can directly interact with lawmakers!

Always remember why we never give up!

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