April 2017: Opportunities to Communicate!

A message from the Arkansas Provider Coalition:

Dear providers, beneficiaries, parents of beneficiaries, and other relevant stakeholders –

Beginning Monday, April 3, and continuing every Monday through April 24, DHS will resume large group meetings with stakeholders regarding the Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities client journey and transition of individuals into the Provider-Led Entity model. DHS will seek input from the key stakeholders regarding their roles and responsibilities to ensure the timely and effective launch of this initiative.

The meetings will be from 1:30 – 3:30 P.M., and will be held at St. Vincent Hospital’s Main Auditorium*.

The first meeting will focus on the population of beneficiaries with behavioral health needs and their client journey into the Provider Led Entity model. Our second meeting will focus on the developmentally disabled population and their client journey into the Provider-Led Entity model.

All are welcome to attend either in person, or via the web at: http://bit.ly/2mSKp9D You may register for all four meetings using the link above. If you are unable to attend the meetings in person or online, the sessions will be recorded and posted to the Arkansas Medicaid website (https://www.medicaid.state.ar.us/).

*The Main Auditorium is located in the Center for Education, which is directly across the street from the parking garage. There is a fountain in front of the entrance.

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