AHCA – Contact U.S. Senators & Representatives

Many of us feel overwhelmed by the information coming out about the American Health Care Act. Whether you support or oppose it, you need to let your federal representatives know how you feel.

If you’re not sure whether you support or oppose it, read the report from the House Budget Committee and the latest official information about the bill.

Some of you may fully support it, and it always helps to contact your legislators and tell them exactly what you like about it so those things won’t change.

We’ve seen many lawmakers oppose it, and they’re making amendments now to improve the bill. Our own Senator Cotton released a statement saying he can’t support it even with the recent amendments, while Westerman thinks it’s very patient-centered. Read about how our other Congressmen plan to vote. This bill has the capability to be devastating for Medicaid recipients. If this bill affects you, you need to contact all Arkansas US Senators and Representatives. Tell them what’s important for you.

Many National Advocacy groups and organizations are concerned about the AHCA, and they’ve asked Congress to protect Medicaid by changing what’s currently written.

The following is information provided by the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families:

“This week the U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to consider the American Health Care Act (AHCA), a bill that would repeal many provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and impose a per capita cap on the Medicaid program. In its current form, the bill would be a major step backward for health care coverage for our children, their parents, seniors, and the disabled.”

Read more about the AACF’s concerns.


“In exchange for cutting and capping funds, states are allowed unprecedented flexibility to set eligibility standards, benefits, families’ out-of-pocket costs, and provider payments.”

“Under the proposed AHCA, the children in the state who rely on ARKids First are at risk of losing the coverage they need and deserve.”

“The Medicaid reductions would also translate into a loss of coverage, fewer benefits, and lower provider payments… including [for] those with special health care needs like autism, Down syndrome, and other conditions that require special care.”

Make sure you contact US Congressmen, list the bill (AHCA), and briefly explain how it will affect you.

More from the AACF: http://www.aradvocates.org/aacf-statement-on-the-american-health-care-act-ahca/

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