Take action right NOW!

During this legislative session, our Senators and Representatives are making serious decisions about Medicaid at a Federal and State level. If Medicaid is important to you, you need to take action NOW.

Here’s the latest news on decisions made as of today:

Eliminate SSI (Federal) – It has been suggested for the Congressional Budget to eliminate SSI for all disabled children. Read the proposal.

Medicaid Freeze (State) – A bill has been proposed to freeze Medicaid, not allowing new enrollees and only renewing current enrollees if they fit the right conditions. It’s splitting hairs to say this is just a Medicaid Expansion freeze. Medicaid Expansion still only allows people in poverty to access healthcare. It takes specific requirements to be approved.

The Waiver List Denial (State) – Nearly 3000 people who have been waiting years to be approved for the waiver will have to wait longer. Our Legislators rejected a bill that would have solved that problem.

If you want to stop this, it’s time for every single one of us to take action. Do NOT be silent!

Contact your legislators. See a list of all of their contact information.

If you have contacted your representatives, but they have not responded, call the news stations to let them know that this is important to you! We need to stand together!

Tell others about this website and Facebook group so that they can take action too!

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