Leadership Team Application


This is your chance to step up and do something that’s not being done, to do something thousands in our state need. Medicaid Saves Lives’ mission is to educate Arkansans with the correct information and to help them advocate for their needs when it comes to Medicaid issues. How can people respond if they don’t know what the issue is or don’t know about the issue until it’s too late to respond? Our Facebook group is a place where Arkansans’ voices can be heard, and we strive to give them avenues to allow their voices to be heard by lawmakers, Medicaid providers, the news media, and their fellow concerned citizens.

To be able to reach the entire state, we need you. But before you get started, we want you to know exactly what you’re getting into.

As with all teams, a leadership hierarchy should exist to make it effective. The leader of this team will be the founder of Medicaid Saves Lives. She will continue her work with concerned parents and citizens, Medicaid providers, the state’s lawmakers and government officials, and media, while heading up the leadership team that will bring the state together. This leadership team will be instrumental, and we need team members for Central Arkansas, Northwest Arkansas, Northeast Arkansas, Southwest Arkansas, and Southeast Arkansas. Leaders should be committed to the following values.

We are thankful for what we have received and for the good it has done. Those on the leadership team are expected to uphold and encourage that value within the group. Because these services are so important, Medicaid issues can cause conflict. However, our group is committed to positivity, especially communication without attacking anyone. We believe that we can be angry or upset, and we can state our honest opinions, yet still communicate in a way that works toward a solution. To continue to receive services, we must work with government officials instead of against them. We are working to make contacts so that we can continue to receive information and to share that information. If we alienate lawmakers or government officials, they will not want to continue communicating with us. We may be fighting for our loved ones, but we must choose the most effective way to achieve our goal.

Although this group was founded originally by one concerned parent, the founder would prefer for it to be operated by a team. If we work together, we can accomplish so much more! It is important to note that working as part of a team requires an attitude of humility. If we want our voice to be effective, it needs to be large and unified. Division, conflict, and working as separate entities only makes us weaker.

Serving others is a sacrificial and selfless action. Serving on the Medicaid Saves Lives is strictly on a volunteer basis; no one is paid. Right now, every bit of funding for this group’s needs has come out of one pocket. There are plans to possibly move to a Non-profit status. However, this leadership team is fundamental for Medicaid Saves Lives to move forward. As part of this team, you will probably be asked to purchase a t-shirt or to travel to a meeting in person near you. This will definitely require at least a small time commitment of networking with your local lawmakers, providers, and concerned citizens whether through social media or in person. We will gladly accept whatever time you can spend to further this cause, and we understand that you have children, jobs, and many other commitments. We just want this cause to be important to you before you sign up.

We need your commitment to positivity, teamwork, and service. Please be committed to those values before signing up.