AR Choices Update

Update on #ARChoices:

(1) Yesterday, the judge issued an order, which puts in writing his previous finding that DHS is in contempt of court.

(2) DHS has appealed the 5/14/18 ruling that invalidated the methodology to the Arkansas Supreme Court. However, the Supreme Court is in summer recess.

(3) In the meantime, DHS does not want to go back to the previous method for determining how much care to give someone (by nurse determination instead of computer algorithm), and the federal government sent a letter to DHS stating that it would not approve that system either.

(4) As a result, everything is on hold. Current people on the program won’t be reassessed nor will people who have applied for the program. DHS also will not restore the hours of people whose hours were reduced under the methodology.

(5) DHS has said that a new algorithm will be adopted starting September 1, but the public comment process has not started on that. According to Legal Aid’s analysis, the new system will base its decisions on how much time it takes to complete particular tasks, but with limits, which will lead to a lot less hours approved.

Legal Aid of Arkansas welcomes anyone who is having issues with ARChoices to call (800) 967-9224 to seek legal help.

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