Solution to Denied PAs for Therapy Providers

MSL has been made aware that there’s a lot of confusion on submitting PAs to request more than 90 minutes of therapy for children since the therapy cap was implemented on July 1, 2017. Lainey has talked with AFMC and DHS as well as the OT Association President who has been successful in submissions.

You need a separate statement letter that answers the following questions individual to the child’s case:

1. How does the therapy administered effectively treat the beneficiary’s condition?

2. What gives you a reasonable expectation that the beneficiary is experiencing meaningful improvement or that the therapy is preventing worsening of the beneficiary’s current condition?

3. How are the frequency, intensity, and duration of the requested therapy services realistic for the age of the child?

List the question and provide the answer. Make sure you provide the other information listed there as well. AFMC told Lainey today that they will deny any submission that does not have this requirement. If you have received denial with 3 statements that say you didn’t meet the requirement, try resubmitting with this.

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