IMG_9905This is Jozzie. She is 3 years old and just learned how to walk 1 month ago. She still has some issues with walking due to cerebral palsy but without medicaid she would not have come this far. Every dollar spent on her means she becomes a more functional adult. What is done now predicts her future. We work with her daily. But without the training and day to day care from her therapist we wouldn’t know what she needs to work on. As she gains strength her need for therapies will decrease. Given a 1% chance of surviving and having several brain bleeds due to sepsis at birth, this girl is doing way more than what I was told she would. I was told she would be quadriplegic, wheelchair bound, and unable to speak. Now thanks to therapy and medicaid coverage, she talks up a storm and may even test out of speech soon. She is able to walk in her walker and even independently at times! Medicaid saved my girls life! From the instant she was born. Medicaid covered her. As a 2 parent working household it is imparetive that she receives therapies because we don’t get to devote the time to work with her, but her therapists can.

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