ARKids Renewals – Change in process

screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-4-04-30-pmDHS has been posting on social media to remind everyone to be sure that they’ve renewed their ARKids 1st.

They have changed the way that they operate. For renewal purposes now, they use the new Medicaid applications for the renewals. Use a form 152 if doing it on paper and write RENEWAL at the top, or go online to the website and fill it out there.

Either way, recipients need to check “yes” to confirm the need for coverage even if the child already has it, because otherwise the system will read it as they no longer want coverage for the child.

Even if you have not received a letter, you may want to call your local office or 1-888-474-8275 to check if you think it’s been close to a year or more since your last renewal. They are on the last round of renewals, and you need to take action if you have any questions.

Here are the numbers to offices in each county:

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