Good article with context

This article has context and facts that are great to know if you are trying to comment well. It also has a view of what both sides are facing, and if you want to argue against, you need to be able to refute arguments from your opposition. Please understand the issue, and aim your comments for weaknesses in the proposal. All public comments make a difference in the process!


“Medicaid’s costs have grown significantly in recent years. According to the Arkansas Medicaid Program Overview for fiscal year 2015, Medicaid’s cost, not including administration, was $3.299 billion in 2007, with an average annual cost of $4,440 per beneficiary. In 2016, the cost was expected to be $7.317 billion, with an average cost of $7,250 beneficiary. And that figure estimated that 250,717 Arkansans would receive benefits through the private option. Instead, 265,608 were enrolled in August in the program, with another 28,638 deemed eligible and in the process of being included in the system.”

Read the rest here:

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