griffin_mslMy son, Griffin was born with a rare, genetic condition called Lebers Congenital Amaurosis (LCA). This is a form of retinal dystrophy that has rendered Griffin blind since birth. I am an occupational therapist so I understand the importance of and believe in therapy intervention! Griffin has a global delay, but thanks to his receiving therapies at such an early age… he won’t be behind for long!! Griffin is learning to use his walker as a pre-cursor skill to using his long white cane. He is learning to use his hands to manipulate and study objects which will be a life long skill when he starts reading Braille, and becoming more independent. And at 13 months, he is just learning to babble and say “Ba, Ba”.

We GLADLY pay our TEFRA premium each month and say a prayer of thankfulness for it each day. Without TEFRA, Griffin would not receive his therapies, have been able to have had his genetic testing done to help us learn what was the cause of his blindness, or be able to have had the 7 eye exams he needed before age one!

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