How to Apply for ARHIPP

The Arkansas Health Insurance Premium Payment Program (ARHIPP) is “sponsored by Arkansas Department of Human Services, Division of Medical Services. HIPP is designed to save money for Medicaid clients with high healthcare costs by reimbursing all or a portion of the cost of their health insurance provided by an employer or COBRA and by eliminating some of their out-of-pocket medical expenses. In some cases, clients may qualify to receive reimbursement for the premium cost of a family health insurance policy. Membership is completely free for those who qualify and does not affect eligibility for Medicaid.”

The ARHIPP Website

Common Questions

How to Qualify

How to Apply

Some parents have found that it is easiest to apply online, but you can apply through mail or fax. It has also been discovered that it is easier to email your documents instead of fax.

You must be able to provide the following Information:

  • Policyholder’s Social Security number
  • Policy number & group number of the group insurance
  • Employer & employee share of premium cost
  • Case identification number(s)

Along with your application, you must provide a copy of:

  • Insurance card (front and back)
  • Summary of benefits for your plan or desired plan
  • Employer health insurance rate sheet
  • Paystub if it shows premium deduction


  • Do not ever mail your original documents.
  • Keep all conformation numbers.
  • Keep a record of the dates you have called and representatives you have spoken to.

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