Our Team

MSL is a collaboration among many people who either are Medicaid recipients or care for them. Although the initiative was begun by one parent, this work can’t be done well by any one person. That’s why we have a fantastic team of people working to represent Medicaid recipients.

Our Administrators

Ron Morrow is a parent of a child with a developmental disability, and he has his Masters in Pastoral Counseling. He has experience in several facets of Medicaid. His wife is the founder of MSL, and he has actively supported her work. He’s involved as a special needs advocate and caregiver counselor with Knit2gether Ministries, and now he’s joined the team as an MSL Administrator.

Katy Sursa is the mother of a child with a developmental disability, and she has been an active advocate in this group answering questions and ensuring voices are heard since the beginning. She’s the President of the Down Syndrome Advancement Coalition of Arkansas, and now she’s an Administrator of MSL.

Our Advocates

Estie Johnson is an experienced self-advocate on our team. She has spoken to Arkansas lawmakers about her experiences as a Medicaid recipient and at an influential press conference in Washington D.C. about how Healthcare affects her quality of life. She’s definitely in tune with what Medicaid recipients face and will speak up on issues that affect us all.

Susan Roberts is a former teacher who’s a strong advocate for special needs educational issues. She’s the founder of NWA Mom 2 Mom which is a support group for mothers and female caregivers in the Northwest Arkansas (NWA) area. She’s familiar with the state’s many resources, and she has a passion for helping people get access to the services they need. We’re so glad she’s going to continue to lend us her NWA expertise, to answer questions, and to help our voices be heard!

Lori Johnson and her husband have welcomed dozens of children into their family over the last 35 years, so she is very acquainted with accessing Medicaid for a variety of needs. She and her children are experienced advocates in Arkansas as well as nationally. They are loved in their community, and we’re lucky to have Lori here to answer questions and to help voice our needs!

Watch for more team members as they are announced!